Music Rights for Commercial Use and Advertising

Choosing the right soundtrack can help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level beyond mere text or images. Whether you are looking for music for commercial use, music rights for film, or music for advertising – MEGA has experience in getting music rights for businesses and agencies of all sizes.

Music Rights for Small Businesses

Having the right music can make or break your business’ marketing efforts. MEGA specializes in getting music rights for advertising, and has experience working with businesses to amplify their message in a way that other forms of advertising cannot compare to.


Music Rights for Agencies

You need to convey a strong idea about the brand or service you represent, and the right music will powerfully engage consumers to lean in and pay more attention to your ads.  MEGA has experience obtaining music rights for agencies of all sizes globally.

Music Rights for Film Producers

The right soundtrack can capture a range of emotions and create an atmosphere that enhances your cinematography.  Film Producers looking to incorporate music and get music rights can count on MEGA to make the process much easier.

Music Rights for Websites

Visual content is all over the web, from brands looking for ways to connect with consumers, to small businesses looking to get their name and message out there. Getting music for commercial use to use on your website does not have to be a difficult or daunting task. Let MEGA help you enhance your message with the right music to complement your images or video.

Music Rights for Apps

Need music rights for photo or video apps and services? Users love to use music to accompany their photo albums and personal video. We will set your business up to succeed, legally, with the proper rights secured, where others (your competitors) may violate the terms and conditions of the RIAA and or labels and publishers which could lead to costly litigation.

Music Rights for Podcasts

Incorporating music into your podcast can help capture your listeners’ attention and will enhance the message or story being told. Securing music rights for podcasts can be tricky, but MEGA has the experience and knowhow to make sure you don’t run into any sticky legal situations. Learn more about music rights for podcasts by contacting us today or visiting this Podcasting Legal Guide.


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