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Why the 2015 Grammy Awards Matter

Tonight the Grammy’s are the main course for the global entertainment conversation. In the last few years, the organization and show have landed on an informed balance between pop culture fest and stage for stunning artistic expression and disrupting convention, as evidenced by Bob Dylan’s amazing speech last night.

We look not for the winners of the awards, but for those daring artists who break through with stunning performances or provocative commentary. By unleashing the angst that drives most great music, the Grammy’s have once again found that entertainment is not about playing it safe. In today’s media fragmented society, where unrelenting messages from social media fall upon us like a million raindrops ¬†it’s no wonder that great live events bring us together; to celebrate, cheer, rant and rave about ¬†musical art. Just imagine a giant mirror reflecting our collective souls is displayed on right in front of us; stand up close; see if you are a part of the image.

Bravo Grammy’s. You’ve got the mix right. Don’t lose your resolve!

Who will win album of the year?
Who will win album of the year?

Why Music Rights Are Valuable

We receive inquiries every day from people, agencies and companies about how to get or buy music rights. Often times these inquiries are from folks who want to legally acquire music rights but have no experience or any notion of what the costs to acquire music rights should be. MEGA was organized to solve exactly this type of problem. Representing buyers and acquiring music rights at the lowest possible costs.

The interesting challenge and question at the top of mind for most new businesses, platforms or brands keen to use great music is: beyond how much does it cost? why are the costs for hit music thousands of dollars? especially if “we” only want to use the music in one city or for a few seconds.

The answers to these great questions are complex but here is a guide to understanding them.

First as we’ve stated in other posts, it does not matter to rights holders how much of a song you want to use. In fact, as we all know, great songs, hit songs, are instantly recognizable by millions of fans and a single chorus, verse, or sometimes a music riff will convey an enormous emotional message, instantly. Think why. These songs have been heard hundreds, if not thousands of times, by fans to the point where they can recite the lyrics or sing the melody on demand. They are embedded in their psyche. A music cue like that, in a spot pulls consumers in, engages them immediately and shows that you are part of the cultural fabric of their lives. It makes your brand or service relevant. We think it’s really valuable especially when considering the alternative: “muzak”, meaning public domain music that does not engage an audience. Of course, rational economics must prevail in all cases. What is your overall media budget? How does that compare to your spot production resources. These are very important considerations.

We also get asked what a reasonable budget is to get music rights for only a small geographic territory. Again, what is important is to measure the overall media budget or increasingly, how you can use that spot on social media: your website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms where you don’t pay for the media: you earn people’s attention and engagement by providing valuable information and or entertainment. And if you produce a really creative commercial or piece of video content and it goes viral: you can reap enormous rewards to the value or your brand or service. Great music is part of the rocket fuel that can help you achieve these modern media opportunities.

If you’ve only hundreds of dollars to invest you will not acquire rights to important songs no matter how small the use. But if you’ve reasonable budgets and each song is different; much like every home value is different, you can and should attempt to get the rights to great music. Great music is valuable.

We’re here to help and we’ve successfully accomplished buying music rights thousands of times.

Check out all the free information regarding how to get music rights on our website @ www.megalv.com