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Why the 2015 Grammy Awards Matter

Tonight the Grammy’s are the main course for the global entertainment conversation. In the last few years, the organization and show have landed on an informed balance between pop culture fest and stage for stunning artistic expression and disrupting convention, as evidenced by Bob Dylan’s amazing speech last night.

We look not for the winners of the awards, but for those daring artists who break through with stunning performances or provocative commentary. By unleashing the angst that drives most great music, the Grammy’s have once again found that entertainment is not about playing it safe. In today’s media fragmented society, where unrelenting messages from social media fall upon us like a million raindrops ¬†it’s no wonder that great live events bring us together; to celebrate, cheer, rant and rave about ¬†musical art. Just imagine a giant mirror reflecting our collective souls is displayed on right in front of us; stand up close; see if you are a part of the image.

Bravo Grammy’s. You’ve got the mix right. Don’t lose your resolve!

Who will win album of the year?
Who will win album of the year?