How To Buy Music Rights

Buying music rights will take your advertising or marketing campaign to the next level! From mobile advertising to traditional media, pairing music with your message is a powerful, proven strategy. MEGA has enormous experience (over 30 years) in supporting small, midsize and world-class brands to get music rights from all types of artists in every music genre.

Every Recorded Song Contains Two Copyrights

1) Musical Composition – the notes and lyrics of the song

Usually owned by Publishers who have been assigned the rights in exchange for ownership or partial ownership of the songwriting copyright and can in certain circumstances be referred to as a “Sync” license.

2) Sound Recording – the Recording Artist’s recorded version of the song. Also referred to as the “Master” recording license

Even if the recording artist is the songwriter, two copyrights are created, one for the sound recording and one for the musical composition.

How MEGA Buys Rights to Music

  • We ensure you’ve considered the business needs for music including: industrial, online, social media, television, radio, and streaming from your website
  • We strategize and share with you the value of those music rights and how to assemble the smartest bundle rights to meet your needs
  • We negotiate with all the rights holders to get the music rights you need at the lowest possible cost

How Long Will It Take To Get Music Rights?

Most licenses can be negotiated in about a week for a single song (we’ve completed agreements in 24 hours)  Some complicated rights require several weeks. If you are a new app, music service or platform, longer time periods may be required.

Where You’ll Find Our Music Rights Being Used

  • Brand Commercials on TV and online
  • Film
  • Events
  • Radio
  • Video Games
  • Mobile Apps
  • Website / Online Material
  • Not For Profit
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