Founder’s Message: An Amazing Journey

I started MEGA, The Marketing Entertainment Group of America, Inc. in New York City in April 1984. The vision was to build an authentic and credible bridge between Brands and Music Artists such that each would benefit from collaborative marketing.

At that time it was a radical idea. Strong headwinds propelled by the 60’s mentality of “selling out” to corporate America were pervasive and the community of fans, artists and brands each had mixed ideas of what was smart, acceptable and appropriate from their point of view. And in very personal and professional ways, they were all right – fans, bands and brands.

You see music marketing, in many respects is like dating. If no thought or discretion goes into a match, well, it’s likely to fail. However, if a degree of care, thoughtfulness and a desire for mutual rewards are a baseline, relationships endure, and can be magical.

That philosophy has been our North Star at MEGA for 31 years now. We care, deeply, about artists and fans and the experience that a marketing partnership with Brands will produce. And we care, deeply, about Brands who entrust us to collaborate on the strategy and selection of Artists to work with.

Getting music rights, partnering with music artists and brands while working with forward thinking technology platforms and artist communities to deliver amazing experiences to fans is the center of our business space. Our Brand clients and partners have included: Pepsi, Budweiser, HP, Microsoft, Gatorade, Apple, Cadillac, Starbucks, to name a few. And, we’ve been fortunate to touch artists as diverse as Dylan, The Who, Kanye, Nas, Avicii, Lady Antebellum and Jimi Hendrix…thousands of artists from new and up and coming to the biggest most enduring superstars in the world. It’s an amazing journey and we appreciate everyone who has supported us along the way.


Danny Socolof, CEO

Danny Socolof is the Founder and CEO of MEGA, a classically trained trumpet player, and graduate of the Wharton School of Finance. Shortly after college, he became one of the youngest live concert promoters in the U.S. After promoting stadium gigs and emerging artists in clubs, he was selected by THE WHO to represent them in their “first farewell” Tour of 1982. Returning from that Tour, Danny formed The Marketing Entertainment Group of America (MEGA) in New York City in 1984. Passionate about new music and its relationship to technology, he lives in the Northeast and personally onboards each new client at the firm.



Madeline Adami, Lead IP Acquisition Specialist

Madeline Adami is the Lead IP Acquisition Specialist and has been with MEGA for over 10 years.  After earning a four-year vocal scholarship to Marist College, she worked in some of the largest ad agencies in the world, eventually landing at Young & Rubicam for 8 years as the Chief Music/Talent Negotiator.  Madeline began her tenure at MEGA as the Account Director on the Pepsi account and is now the lead specialist.



Stefanie Helms: Director of Business Affairs/Lead Partner Manager

A 15-year veteran of MEGA, Stefanie is responsible for carefully managing our daily operations including all things accounting, human and legal. She also collaborates on new business development and is our lead partner and project manager. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, she worked as a Controller and Operations Manager in the publishing and broadcast media fields prior to joining the MEGA team. Known for her knowledge of music lyrics, Stefanie plays a pink electric bass and lives in Las Vegas with her family and four dogs.


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