The Future of Music 2013

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So, I think we should exit 2013 with some optimism.

Who’s got the time?
Youth. And plenty of it. Like always, like when we were young, remember?
Youth’s got the time and they fall into a couple of distinguishable camps.
First there’s the Popsters. They are the biggest group. ¬†They are gliding through their lives, interested in sports, money, fashion, boys, girls, coding, hiking, biking, and they love about 10-20 “hits” they can hum and sing the chorus, each year. Gimme a GaGa, throw in a Mars, maybe one Macklemore, a Lordes…you know the drift. Beyond that, they don’t really give a shit about the artists, or their rants or anything else beyond ~ten to twenty songs a year. And I may be overestimating.
Second there’s the Musesters. Oh, they LOVE music and musicians and listen to everything from every era, mostly on Spotify (more about that later) and my gosh, they are true FANS. They listen HOURS a day to music, on their phones, streaming, on their laptops, streaming, streaming streaming and could not imagine living without music. They cook to music, make love to to music, walk to classes to music, train in gyms to music and on and on and on. They care about the experience, the sound, the lyrical meaning of the songs and oh yea, just ASK them, they’ll rate and debate you on the fine points of hundreds of artists big and small, established and niche; music helps define who they are like you and me and many of the people who read your stuff.
And then my friend theres the Whocaresters. The third group of up and coming Youth. They really don’t care about music. Oh they may catch on to a few songs a year that kinda like is akin to commercial fishing where you know, the net just grabs anything in its wake; people, dogs, politico’s etc. Can you watch PSY Gangnam Style again (uh…..nope)
Sure. This is a brief note about the NEXT generation. Not us, or people in their 30’s. Those folks are a whole different kettle of fish. I’m talking about the FUTURE. YOUTH
There’s big money from the Popsters. There’s careers engaging the Musesters. And good luck beyond that.
Spotify will rule the Musesters. I mean, holy shit. For $10 a month you can own (yeah I know I said own) over ten million songs, whole albums and listen to them on demand in any order you want wherever you want on any device you want. FOR LESS MONEY THAN A F’N PIZZA a month. Tell me owning music is different than I can listen to whatever I want whenever I want, locally stored if there’s no online connection. Thats ownership man; ownership as its defined to YOUTH in 2013.
Wow, I wish I had all that as a kid growing up. I mean I had to CHOOSE what to buy or trade with friends because, shit man, music was expensive. Now, I can have it ALL for ten bucks a month with no commercials….free if I put up with the crap that is called commercials these days on streaming services but the Musesters; they’ll pay $10 a month for the sheer bliss of listening and dreaming to the MAGIC of what they love in music without the commercials . Musesters may sustain many more careers. And I’m talking about a global group of YOUTH.
Most people won’t care. The album as an art form is practically dead. So its back to the fifties with an explosion of consumer technology now. Smartphones, Beats (and lots of other GREAT headphones) bluetooth everything, synch devices, etc. etc.
So, WRITE GREAT SONGS, learn to PERFORM THEM LIVE like AMAZING (Kanye may define that more than anyone today). And welcome to the new world order. Steaming, playing live, selling merch; its all gonna be just fine. The glass is more than half full. Onward to 2014!


Celebrating Led Zeppelin on Spotify

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Congratulations Image

to the Band, to Spotify and its time (again) to “celebrate” this iconic artist’s music.